$10 Restoration AND your money back

I once was lost, but now I'm found

I have a confession to make. My faith has been sorely lacking lately.  No, not my faith in God, that could never waiver. God does not change. He is who He has always been. The worries and the cares of this world do not change God. It changes us, but not God. My lack of faith to be honest was in my fellow man. It’s so easy to be sucked into the negative mindset of the circumstances around you. It’s easy to be swept away by an environment filled with despair, with gloom and doom.  You can get lost in the misery of others if you let yourself. And I think I was. Letting myself that is.  Tell me that you’ve had those moments where you feel like, why should I be a good person, why should I always do what is right, when no one else around me does. I try so hard not to let how others behave and promote themselves affect the person that I am.  The desire to walk with God and be the person He would have me be is a struggle. I will not lie about that.  So, the other day, when I somehow lost that $10 bill at work, I was convinced that I was not going to see it again. I was sure that I lost it at the vending machine when I was taking some quarters from my pocket for a cup of coffee.  I was certain that whoever found it was having a smile at their good fortune.  Now I know that in the grand scheme of things $10 is not a large amount of money and truthfully, if $10 is all it took to push me over the edge then I had a lot more problems than losing it.  It wasn’t about the money. I was more disappointed that whoever found it did not have the goodness in their heart to turn it in.  I resigned myself to the loss and hoped that in some small way..God had put it in the hands of someone who needed it much more than I did. Yes, I believe that God does that.

Well God had a plan alright. He had a plan to turn MY heart. Someone did turn it in, someone did have a good heart. When I heard that this person had immediately taken the money to our office manager without for a minute thinking of  keeping it for himself, it made me happy. Not happy to have the money, happy that there are good and decent people out there.  I needed a reminder of that. Sure the world is filled with negative people, and sure it is easy to find yourself influenced by that mentality, but there are true and good people out there to. People who probably don’t get their due, people who stand in the shadows wondering where all the good people are.  Maybe if we all looked harder to find the good, those negative people wouldn’t seem so prominent.   My friend Jamy does a blog where she writes about the good things in her life only. I think she is on to something.   Look for the good, and you will see the good.  My faith has been restored. My faith in my fellow man.


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