Long Overdue

Things got crazy again for awhile. Some things happened that have forced me to reexamine my life and as always, open new doors.  In September of last year, I lost my full time job of 22 years. It’s probably the catalyst I needed to push this photography thing into full gear. Unfortunately, I am just starting out and not going to make a living at it just yet. So, I got a part time job at the hospital that started out with full time hours. So, not really making a big push on the business just yet.  It’s slowing down and come spring I think I can focus a lot more attention on that.  I’ve done a few shoots though. One of my cousin’s beautiful 6 year old daughter, Rylee.



This picture was submitted and used on Smashbox.com’s live Hollywood Blvd billboard.  Rylee’s (and my) Hollywood debut…..



Had a great shoot last weekend with my niece and nephew. Thought I would do some portraits up for my brother. He is a big 49ers fan….





I was wondering how Little D. would do sitting for portraits because he was a challenge the last time. He took to it like a pro tho. I expected no less. He was having a blast sneaking into his sisters shots, or running up to the backdrop after one of her shots and mocking her…





Little Miss Sassy Pants of course was nothing but professional, as she has been since day 1.



As you can see, I am blessed with beautiful children to keep my skills polished sharp as I embark on this new endeavor.


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