Longing For Spring

I am not a winter person.I absolutely hate the snow.  It’s no secret. Hate it.  I mean let’s face it, snow is cold and wet and even a newborn baby knows that cold and wet is not good.  Somewhere along the way we’ve lost that basic instinct.  Oh sure, its pretty. Most of the time.  Well those past few weeks we’ve been bombed with snow in Northern Illinois.   Yesterday we got hit with 11 inches. YUCK.  I had the day off of work yesterday and was not on call so I stayed in, caught up on my tv and movies, read a book. All the wonderful things one does on a Snow Day. I woke up this morning with the worst case of Spring Fever. I wanted to see grass, and leafy trees and flowers. I wanted to hear birds singing and lawn mowers roaring. I want to open my windows and air out the place.  Since I had the day off of work, I decided to take a trip across the bridge to the Nicholas Conservatory. A few years ago they tore down the old Sinnissippi Greenhouse and replaced it with this monstrous glass art sculpture of a building. I miss that old greenhouse. It was run down and quaint and full of charm. AND..it was free.  Not so the conservatory. $6 admission and while it was nice and I did get some great shots, I wasn’t very impressed overall.  Not a single turtle. No birds. I hope they have plans to bring these back. They were part of the charm. I did get a brief whiff of spring though so mission accomplished I suppose. And some great shots as well……














And probably my very favorite shot from the day. Looks like I wasn’t the only one out in search of a little spring. Hang in there…Spring is definitely on it’s way little buddy.




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