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2012~~Day 49

Well my goodness…where was I now? It’s been awhile. First thing I need to do is to apologize to my sweet nephew Little D. Turns out that the little germ factory was NOT responsible for my state of ill health a few weeks back. I had something completely different going on. Something that landed me in the ER and ran up a nice bill with lots of tests. I am feeling much much better now though.

Little Miss Sassy Pants celebrated her 8th birthday last week and had a little party at the bowling alley. Not much in the way of pictures as it was very crowded.

Happy Birthday to you!!


Little D. subsequently had his first bowling experience….

A little help from Sissy!


Valentines Day came and went. The day is bittersweet for me, as I lost the greatest love of my life last year on Valentines Day.

My Sweet TuffyBear!


But I made up my mind not to let the day get me down. I put together some treats for the little sweeties in my life and was so happy that I did. They loved them and it made me feel so much better.  Mr  W loved the firefly flashing toothbrush the most (and his Mickey and Donald cup.  Little D. loved that he got a special treat. When I took out his Mater cup with his treats in it, his face lit up with a big smile and he said…It Mine? So cute.

You can either left life hold you down or move you forward. The choice is yours. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny step to get it going to.  A day I could have spent feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in pity and depression became a day of smiles I will never forget.


2012~~Day 21

Today’s pictures are a few from Mr. W’s 2nd birthday party. He doesn’t have big parties yet so just a few kids and some of the grownups that love him.   He had an awesome cake though. We have the most amazing cake artist in our family.  She does such an incredible job of making cake dreams come true for all the kids and today she made Mr. W’s dream cake.  He loves Po from Kung Fu Panda and make him the most awesome cake.  You can check out her work on Facebook through this link… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar-Celebrations

Birthday Boy loves his cake.

Po and a bamboo 2

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

opening presents

Best buddies!!

every little boy needs a race track!

2012~~Day 20

Happy Birthday Little Mr. W!!!!  You are a special light in my world. I hope its the best day you could ever hope for.


Last year….1st birthday…no his Mommy did not let him eat that whole thing. The bakery neglected to add his personal cake to the order so instead of stressing it…she cut a big piece from his sheet cake and let him demolish that. Fun times.

Now THAT is how you eat cake!!!

2012~~Day 19

Little Mr. W is going to be 2 tomorrow.  On the day that he was born…I spent the morning running back and forth from the nursery to his mommy’s room showing her pictures of him on the back of the camera because she couldn’t walk yet and he couldn’t be released from the nursery until his respiratory rate was closer to normal. What a morning it was.  I can’t believe two years have passed since this little (if you call 10lbs little) miracle was born.  He was never supposed to be at all…according to the doctors. His mommy waited 18 years for him.  He was supposed to be born premature. They did all the precautions for a premie…only someone forgot to tell W. that. He was taken by c-section 2 weeks early because he was getting so big.  He’s been breaking hearts with those beautiful eyes ever since.   His birthday party is Saturday so I’m sure you know what Saturday’s picture is going to be. I have it on good authority there will be an awesome cake  too. 😉


What a sweetie!


Fall and Football!!!


Go deep Dad!!!


But deep down...he's really a packer fan like Old Friend.

2012~~Day 18

W's first Christmas. Is that the sweetest face ever?

2012~~Day 17

W. at 1 month old. Such a beautiful boy!


2 month old...look at those gorgeous eyes!!!

2012~~Day 16

Little Mr. W!


This picture was taken January 2010.  It’s hard to believe this little guy will already be turning 2 this week.  In this portrait he was just a few hours old.  He was born C-Section and so was having a hard time getting some of the fluid out of his lungs. They couldn’t get him to cry to force more of it up either. They gave him his first shots and barely a whimper. They tried shampooing his hair, thinking the water would make him cry…he acted like it was a day at the spa.  He still has that same laid back personality. He is one of the most gentle and loving little boys I know.  He’s a big fan of hugs…he’ll stop in the middle of dinner and want a hug from his mommy. He will stop in the middle of playing and walk over and give one of his cousins a hug.   He’s such a sweet little boy…but I am HAPPY to tell you…I knew that from the moment I snapped this photo =)