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2012~~Day 49

Well my goodness…where was I now? It’s been awhile. First thing I need to do is to apologize to my sweet nephew Little D. Turns out that the little germ factory was NOT responsible for my state of ill health a few weeks back. I had something completely different going on. Something that landed me in the ER and ran up a nice bill with lots of tests. I am feeling much much better now though.

Little Miss Sassy Pants celebrated her 8th birthday last week and had a little party at the bowling alley. Not much in the way of pictures as it was very crowded.

Happy Birthday to you!!


Little D. subsequently had his first bowling experience….

A little help from Sissy!


Valentines Day came and went. The day is bittersweet for me, as I lost the greatest love of my life last year on Valentines Day.

My Sweet TuffyBear!


But I made up my mind not to let the day get me down. I put together some treats for the little sweeties in my life and was so happy that I did. They loved them and it made me feel so much better.  Mr  W loved the firefly flashing toothbrush the most (and his Mickey and Donald cup.  Little D. loved that he got a special treat. When I took out his Mater cup with his treats in it, his face lit up with a big smile and he said…It Mine? So cute.

You can either left life hold you down or move you forward. The choice is yours. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny step to get it going to.  A day I could have spent feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in pity and depression became a day of smiles I will never forget.


2012~~Day 28

I’ve been a little under the weather lately so that is why there have not been any posts. Woke up this morning feeling much better. My brother called this morning and wanted to know if Little D. could come over and spend an hour or so with me while he took Little Miss Sassy Pants to the library to show her how a card catalog worked.  Considering the little germ factory was probably the one who gave me the ‘flu’ to begin with…I didn’t see any harm in it.  I chalk that thought up to delirium.  Even feeling under the weather this kid is  whirlwind.  He has a …lets call it a passion…for moving furniture around.  Oh sure, he’s only 18 month old…what damage could possibly be done.  Let me just tell you…the boy is strong for his size and age.  I tried getting him to sit and play but his attention span for toys is 5 seconds.

I brought Story Time Elmo out for him. He bashed him on the head with a block and kicked him across the room. Sorry Elmo!

Take that Memo!

He’s pretty good with the Mega Blocks…but even these did not hold his attention for long.

building a tower

Then I thought I would get a portrait of him done while he was here.  I have one of his sister at the same age in a little white wicker chair in the corner of the room. I brought out the chair and put it on the corner. He was very happy.  I told him to sit in the chair. I turned my back for 3 seconds and he was standing in the chair.  This kid is going to give me a heat attack one of these days.  As soon as the picture was done…he picked up the chair and carried it into the kitchen and put it in front of the refrigerator.  Well….every refrigerator needs a chair in front of it I guess. Late night snacks and what not. Right?  Then finally my brother called to tell me he was on his way to pick Little D up.  I tell ya…that was certainly the longest 55 minutes of my life.