2012~~Day 29

Still recuperating…today’s picture is a little bit of fun Little Miss Sassy Pants had last weekend at a birthday party. She is an aspiring photographer and so is always wanting me to take pictures of things. She has some pretty good ideas. Her own birthday is coming up in just a little over a week.  How can she be 8 years old already? Insane how the time passes.

She is very artistic by nature. Love the addition of the hat.


2012~~Day 28

I’ve been a little under the weather lately so that is why there have not been any posts. Woke up this morning feeling much better. My brother called this morning and wanted to know if Little D. could come over and spend an hour or so with me while he took Little Miss Sassy Pants to the library to show her how a card catalog worked.  Considering the little germ factory was probably the one who gave me the ‘flu’ to begin with…I didn’t see any harm in it.  I chalk that thought up to delirium.  Even feeling under the weather this kid is  whirlwind.  He has a …lets call it a passion…for moving furniture around.  Oh sure, he’s only 18 month old…what damage could possibly be done.  Let me just tell you…the boy is strong for his size and age.  I tried getting him to sit and play but his attention span for toys is 5 seconds.

I brought Story Time Elmo out for him. He bashed him on the head with a block and kicked him across the room. Sorry Elmo!

Take that Memo!

He’s pretty good with the Mega Blocks…but even these did not hold his attention for long.

building a tower

Then I thought I would get a portrait of him done while he was here.  I have one of his sister at the same age in a little white wicker chair in the corner of the room. I brought out the chair and put it on the corner. He was very happy.  I told him to sit in the chair. I turned my back for 3 seconds and he was standing in the chair.  This kid is going to give me a heat attack one of these days.  As soon as the picture was done…he picked up the chair and carried it into the kitchen and put it in front of the refrigerator.  Well….every refrigerator needs a chair in front of it I guess. Late night snacks and what not. Right?  Then finally my brother called to tell me he was on his way to pick Little D up.  I tell ya…that was certainly the longest 55 minutes of my life.


2012~~Day 24

This is my Little J. Isn’t he beautiful? He was born on July 4th 1993 and passed away on Labor Day of 2010. From the moment he was born, he was mine. He was meant to be mine.  His parents belonged to my downstairs neighbor and Mama Kitty had her babies outdoors late at night. We searched and searched and finally found Little J and his sister Liberty Belle (Bella for short). Little J’s full name was Little Mister 4th Of July.  When I picked up the babies from their hiding spot, I held them in my shirt. Bella stayed put, but Little J climbed up the front of my shirt, crying the whole time, put his head in the crook of my neck and fell asleep.  He had chosen me. I didn’t know it until the next day but he had chosen me.  You see, the woman who lived downstairs was breeding manx cats. His father was a beautiful Siamese-Manx. His coloring was buff and he had big beautiful blue eyes like the Siamese but his body shape was complete Manx. Big, hind legs longer than the front, short stub of a tail.  His mother looked for the most part like Little J. A tiny little gray tuxedo tabby, rear legs slightly longer than the front, short nub for a tail. Little J had her beautiful markings, but he was a big manx shaped boy like his father. Except for one little detail. He was a genetic flaw. He had a tail. And that made him worthless to the owner. She was going to let him get big enough and then give him to her son to feed to his snake. I was mortified. The thought of that sweet little baby being raised for food sickened me.  I told her that I would take him. I never regretted a day of it. For 17 years he was my best buddy. I loved that cat like he was my own child, and he was. He was my baby.  The thursday before he died, he suffered a stroke. I wasn’t able to see his regular vet so we saw the associate. He told me that it was a minor stroke and he’d “probably” be ok.  I knew the next day that the vet was wrong. Little J had been blinded by the stroke and was unable to calm down long enough to sleep. He kept wandering around the house, getting trapped in corners and unable to find his way out.   On the following Monday, Labor Day, he started having a seizure. I knew what had to be done. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life up to that point.  I held him in my arms, and as he took his last breath…he put his head in the crook of my neck and passed away. It ended, just as it had began. And for that I am eternally grateful, he gave me 17 years of joy and love. There is no price in the world you can put on that.

Little J

2012~~Day 23

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately.  Missing some loved ones, missing some little ones that grew up way to fast.   Decided to share an oldie with you today. This ones is from way back in 1996.  The Original Sassy Pants’ first day of  pre-school.  This was taken outside of the school and the poor thing was having an allergic reaction to some weed or pollinator there.  It runs in the family.  She loved school, but there isn’t a soul that knew her that didn’t believe she would.  She was already reading by this point and was quite the knowledge seeker. Again…it runs in the family. =)  Don’t you just love the Blossom hat. She sure did love her floppy hats.


First day of pre-school 1996

2012~~Day 22

We’re down to the wire in the land of pigskins and quarterbacks.  One team has already secured their place in the Super Bowl. Just waiting now to see who their opponent will be.  Will it be the New York Giants or the San Francisco 49ers taking on the New England Patriots in Indianapolis in 2 weeks? Sounds like I know a lot about football but truthfully….I just have a lot of football loving friends. And a few relatives that live it.  My brother is a huge 49ers fan. He has been since he was a kid. So, I’m gonna use up a wish and hope that its his team playing again in 2 weeks. GO NINERS!!!!


2012~~Day 21

Today’s pictures are a few from Mr. W’s 2nd birthday party. He doesn’t have big parties yet so just a few kids and some of the grownups that love him.   He had an awesome cake though. We have the most amazing cake artist in our family.  She does such an incredible job of making cake dreams come true for all the kids and today she made Mr. W’s dream cake.  He loves Po from Kung Fu Panda and make him the most awesome cake.  You can check out her work on Facebook through this link… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar-Celebrations

Birthday Boy loves his cake.

Po and a bamboo 2

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

opening presents

Best buddies!!

every little boy needs a race track!

2012~~Day 20

Happy Birthday Little Mr. W!!!!  You are a special light in my world. I hope its the best day you could ever hope for.


Last year….1st birthday…no his Mommy did not let him eat that whole thing. The bakery neglected to add his personal cake to the order so instead of stressing it…she cut a big piece from his sheet cake and let him demolish that. Fun times.

Now THAT is how you eat cake!!!