2012~~Day 19

Little Mr. W is going to be 2 tomorrow.  On the day that he was born…I spent the morning running back and forth from the nursery to his mommy’s room showing her pictures of him on the back of the camera because she couldn’t walk yet and he couldn’t be released from the nursery until his respiratory rate was closer to normal. What a morning it was.  I can’t believe two years have passed since this little (if you call 10lbs little) miracle was born.  He was never supposed to be at all…according to the doctors. His mommy waited 18 years for him.  He was supposed to be born premature. They did all the precautions for a premie…only someone forgot to tell W. that. He was taken by c-section 2 weeks early because he was getting so big.  He’s been breaking hearts with those beautiful eyes ever since.   His birthday party is Saturday so I’m sure you know what Saturday’s picture is going to be. I have it on good authority there will be an awesome cake  too. 😉


What a sweetie!


Fall and Football!!!


Go deep Dad!!!


But deep down...he's really a packer fan like Old Friend.


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