2012~~Day 16

Little Mr. W!


This picture was taken January 2010.  It’s hard to believe this little guy will already be turning 2 this week.  In this portrait he was just a few hours old.  He was born C-Section and so was having a hard time getting some of the fluid out of his lungs. They couldn’t get him to cry to force more of it up either. They gave him his first shots and barely a whimper. They tried shampooing his hair, thinking the water would make him cry…he acted like it was a day at the spa.  He still has that same laid back personality. He is one of the most gentle and loving little boys I know.  He’s a big fan of hugs…he’ll stop in the middle of dinner and want a hug from his mommy. He will stop in the middle of playing and walk over and give one of his cousins a hug.   He’s such a sweet little boy…but I am HAPPY to tell you…I knew that from the moment I snapped this photo =)


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