Day 12~~2012

The weather in Northern Illinois is a little bi-polar this week. Yesterday it was sunny and 56 degrees. Today it’s in the 20’s and snowing. Yes..I said yesterday. Less than 24 hours and it’s a complete turn around. Wind chills are supposed to measure in the negative tonight. OY!

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely hate snow. I hate it. I don’t see the beauty of it beyond an occasional photo op. And even then….I am not very inclined to step out into it to take the picture. I mean, really….the only people who should be excited about snow are school children and people who get paid to remove it. THE END.

So…that being said…I did manage to open the drapes to look at the wicked stuff long enough to snap a few pictures for todays post 😉


It's blowing like crazy out there and accumulating on the windows.


University Club as seen from my 3rd floor window!


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