2012~~Day 1

My friend Jamy at http://365happythings.blogspot.com/ did something really cool last year. She posted every day about something that made her happy.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative things in life and it truly was a joy to log on each day and see her blog. I’ve decided to follow suit this year and post pictures that make me happy.  A picture a day at least.

Today’s picture is one of my nephew from last February.  I had gone over to sit with him while his mommy and daddy took his big sister to the school fun fair.  I brought the camera and got some pictures of him and of their new puppy Khaos.  (Khaos is an English Mastiff and now weighs over 140 lbs..how’s that for a growth spurt).  When Little D.’s mommy and daddy got home we were standing around talking and I looked down and seen this little guy looking up at his daddy with such awe in his eyes.   He’s a mommy’s boy but he sure worships his daddy.  He is certainly one very loved little boy.


One response to “2012~~Day 1

  • Frances

    Sarah, this is really such a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing the things that make you happy throughout this coming year. Your nephew is so precious. Look at those sweet eyes!

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