Long Summer

Don’t you hate those posts that start out…it’s been a long time since I posted but….well. Yeah. I realize it’s been a few months. Shortly after my last post my mother was hospitalized.  She was in CCU for a month and lost her fight on the 15th of August.  She was a healthy and vibrant woman until pneumonia landed her in the hospital.  Sadly her lungs were just not strong enough to overcome the illness. She was very loved and will be very missed.  Between spending every waking moment at the hospital and then just the sheer sadness that continuing on in life without her…I lost the ambition to pick up the camera.  Yesterday I went over to my brother’s house and took the camera with. So glad I did. His little munchkins sure can get you over the blues.

My beautiful niece. Seven years old and such a pro in front of the camera. Spur of the moment shot. She had to show me her latest garage sale treasure. A sparkling pink hat.


The rest of the pictures are so precious to me. Dalton has always been an eater. When he was born he cried so loud and so long and the only thing that would stop him was a bottle.  Since the very beginning…if he was hungry…it was just panic mode, end of the world until he got his food.  So it was amusing to watch him try to wait so patiently for his dinner to be served…..



and of course dinner FINALLY came. I could not believe how well he eats with a fork already. He is only 14  months old and he ate every bit of that mac and cheese with a fork and did it by himself.


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